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Our Montessori school database had its beginnings in 1998. At first we hunted for schools on the web to add to the database and soon Montessorians from around the world began to send us lists of schools to add to the database. As our site became more widely known teachers, parents, school owners and administrators begin sending us their schools information so we could add them to the database. Later we began exchanging databases with Dennis Schapiro at The Public School Montessorian. Today our database has nearly 10,000 entries. However, we know that there are many schools that are not included and that there are many schools in it that are no longer operating. Maintaining the database is a enormous task. We need the help of our visitor to improve its accuracy. Beginning in 2008 many schools ceased operating with the very serious economic downturn the world experienced. As the economy improved many new schools have started up. Therefore our database now has a large number of schools that no longer exist, have been renamed or have moved and missing the new schools that have opened. Here is how you can assist us in improving the accuracy of our database:

  • If you find a school that you know is no longer in operation
  • If you know of a school or schools that are not in our database
  • If you find a school that needs its information updated

Please use one of the forms in the navigation to the left so we can make the necessary corrections and additions to our database.

If you do not have all the information about a school but you want to make us aware of it, use the Contact us form to provide us with enough information that we can followup up and gather the needed information.

We gratefully appreciate your help in assisting us in keeping our database as current as possible.

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