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New Child Publishing

A Guide for the Montessori Classroom (for ages 3 to 6)
from New Child Publishing
5817 Ralston Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64133
Voice: 816 356-0873

Contact: Gini Newcomb (author)

Description: A Guide for the Montessori Classroom (ages 3 to 6): Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer – A set of four classroom guides. Our materials provide ideas for empowering the child through circles, books, science, art, music, yoga and sign language integrated into a meaningful and interconnected theme.

The Fall guide begins with the study of the child and his or her immediate world and expands to the greater picture of the universe. Next, we study Earth and its elements, an overview of the continents, our country, our state and our city. The study of each continent and its geography, biomes, animals and people continues throughout the year

The child gains a sense of self and community, an empathy with the earth’s inhabitants, a greater perspective and sense of order in the world, and an understanding of where he fits into the universe

To order, contact Gini Newcomb at her email or call (816) 356-0873.

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