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Our the MarketPlace at MontessoriConnections is designed for those business who serve the Montessori community. If you would like to have you business included in our list please complete the form below to provide us with the information to included it.

Our free MarketPlace listing includes your business name and address. It does not include live links to your email or website. We offer additional opportunities for businesses to extend their listings in the MarketPlace.

  • Live Links for email and websites.
  • Enhanced Text listing with description of products and services.
  • Enhanced Graphic Listing with text, graphic and description of products and services.
  • Featured Business with Text Listing
  • Featured Business with Graphic Listing
  • See below for charges for these services.

Live Links

Live links for your email address and website in your business MarketPlace listing.

Enhanced Text Listing

Live links for your email and websiteDescription of your products and services added to your listing

Enhanced Graphic List

Live links for your email and website addressesA description of your products and servicesLogo and one 1" x 2" graphic image of your choice

Featured Business Text Listing

Live links for email and website in list.Description of products and services included in regular listingFeatured business listing with a text description of products and services.

Featured Business Graphic Listing

Live email and website linksDescription of products and services in general listingLogo and graphic included in general listingFeatured Business listing at top of page above general listings with graphic images up to 3'' high with description of products and services

Featured Business Graphic Listing with Rotating Banner

Featured Business graphic listing which also includes a rotating banner ad that will be displayed throughout the site in the top of the page position. Banner will link to business website.


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