Introduction of the Materials

The main way children are introduced to the materials in the classroom is through careful presentation. A presentation is a time when the teacher slowly and precisely uses the material in its intended way while an individual or small group of children observe. During such a presentation unnecessary words and movements are avoided and actions are broken into discernible steps in order to increase understanding and the chance for success when the child uses the materials later. A particular point of interest may also be shown to attract the child to the materials.

At times it is appropriate and desirable for the teacher to offer some instruction to the child. This usually occurs at a separate occasion after times of repeated concentrated work with the materials has been observed. The teacher may then re-present the exercise in order to show variations or extensions or to help the child learn the terminology involved.

Presentation Videos of Montessori Materials has a number of videos that show how materials are demonstrated in the classroom. These video include clear demonstration of the three period lesson in the demonstration. See them all here: